Welcome to our Designer Series.

We searched the country to bring you some of the best and most creative Interior Design professionals around to bring you a premium range of unique designs.

Enjoy their designs as much as we do creating them!.

My Little Empire

My Little Empire

Onyx & Blanc designer series


With their authentic and down to earth nature, Interior Designers, Lauren & Mika from My Little Empire, believe in a hands-on approach when it comes to design. Together they work with their clients from concept to completion, to achieve a look and feel that is as unique and individual as each client is. Their primary focus when designing a space is to ensure its beauty equally matches its functionality.


When approaching the design process to create the Onyx and Blanc range of furniture with Zing, their design process has been no different, the pair surveyed existing clients to get their thoughts and opinions on what they do and don’t like, they looked at the functionality of everyday pieces to ensure that the range they created would be functional and practical, and they then considered each material carefully to ensure the pieces would be of a superior quality and go the distance.

At the end of the day their goal is to make their clients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible in their home, by designing pieces they will love using, and cherish for years to come.